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Zack Dictakis

Actor | Filmmaker | Writer | Producer

Short Films
Short films
Mission Statement

To create collaborative and inclusive opportunities to tell compelling stories through film, TV, and theater.

UPcoming Performances

Currently performing most Tuesdays at 8!

About me

I'm a Boston-based performer/filmmaker for hire producing video content and writing scripts. 

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A bit more...

8-year-old me walks out of Spider-Man (2002). A movie theater parking lot, the perfect set for my own original adaptation. I do cool web effects with my mouth as I flail my way back to the car. 'MOM YOU'RE NOT LOOKING!' I nail a sick pose on the ground. I'm the bad-ass superhero Showcase Cinemas Lowell deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Ever since I've had my eye on creating opportunities for myself to flail around not just for my mom, not even just the movie theater parking lot, but damn it, the whole world. We may not need another Spider-Man, but I am determined to create compelling original work whether or not anyone is looking.

In 2013 I wrote and produced The Window Guy, a one-act play.

I graduated in 2018 with a BFA in Acting from The University of Connecticut, got an agent, and moved to New York. While submitting every day I quickly found that 'The cavalry isn't coming' and I'm better off making my own work.

In 2019 I moved back to Boston, MA, and started my own production company Long Sought Films.

With the pandemic turning the theatre and film industries on their heads, we started looking at how we could create within the confines of a lockdown.

A surprise opportunity to become a 'Zoom theater' video editor presented itself and I have now edited more than 10 full-length productions including a feature-length 'staged' reading of the new musical 30 Years of Night.

At my production company Long Sought Films, we are now producing short films!

I'm proud to look back at that badass 8-year-old knowing he's right, that pose did look cool.

Kirsten Peacock (Left)  Nick Nudler (Right)


Boston Baked Beans

our first fully produced TV pilot. It's unreleased, but we learned a ton putting the whole thing together.

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PO BOX 8171,

Boston, MA 02114


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