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Mission Statement

To create collaborative and inclusive opportunities to tell compelling stories through film, TV, and theater.


I think about 8 year old me walking out of Spider-Man (2002). The movie theater parking lot became the set for my own adaptation as I flailed my way back to the car, landing on the ground like a bad-ass superhero.

Ever since, I've had my eye on creating opportunities for myself to see that dream materialize. The world may not need another Spider-Man, but I am determined to create compelling original work.

In 2013 I wrote and produced The Window Guy, a one-act play with a film adaptation coming late 2021.

I graduated in 2018 with a BFA in Acting from The University of Connecticut, got an agent and moved to New York. While submitting every day I quickly found that waiting around for someone to make the big decision for me wasn't quite good enough.

In 2019 I moved back to Boston, MA and started my own production company Zack & Aaron with my childhood best friend, Aaron LaBarre.

With the pandemic turning the theatre and film industries on their heads, we started looking at how we could create within the confines of a lockdown.

A surprise opportunity to become a 'Zoom theater' video editor presented itself and I have now edited more than 10 full length productions including a feature length 'staged' reading of the new musical 30 Years of Night.

At my production company Zack & Aaron, we are now producing multiple short films a month as well as our first original web-series Boston Baked Beans premiering early 2021!

I'm proud to look back at that 8 year old knowing it's possible, and it's happening.

Recent Projects

Z&A Shorts

Collection of original comedic short films. Ongoing and published on YouTube.

30 Years of Night

Feature length staged reading of the new musical filmed through zoom. I served as the editor for the 2 1/2 hour production. Written and produced by Lorna Fenenbock, music directed by David Kornfeld.

Stage managing, and acting in a series of 5 multinational readings.

Attempts at Poetry

My father left behind a box of poems never before seen by anyone. An ongoing project of mine is to create short films based on each of his pieces.

YOU WISH! The musical

Presented through Lincoln Center. I was the video editor for the Zoom musical.

Songs for a new world

Film adaptation of the hit musical. Cinematography, Direction, Videography, Producing, Video Editing.

Vivir at Lawrence High

Music Video. I was the cinematographer and video editor.

Collaboration with Broadway choreographer Luis Salgado.

Current highlight

Boston Baked Beans

BBB Pilot.00_08_13_05.Still001.jpg

Aaron LaBarre (Left) Zack Dictakis (Middle) Nick Nudler (Right)


Kirsten Peacock (Left)  Nick Nudler (Right)

Boston Baked Beans is our first full TV pilot. We are in post-production, and I'm doing some final touches to it. The show follows the struggles of a few Bostonian stoners, as they 'Adult' and try to have some fun along the way.

Recent Videography & Performance



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