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I had a MiniDV camcorder when I was about ten, which obviously positioned me at the top of the "home video Star Wars fights" short list in my neighborhood.

In 7th and 8th grade my best friend, Aaron LaBarre and I had a YouTube channel where we posted over 30 of our mostly improvised, iMovie edited shorts for our friends and family to see. Some were VERY embarrassing.

Regardless, I seemed to muster up enough confidence to write an 85 page screenplay about a scientist who makes a breakthrough discovery in quantum physics by 9th grade which brought me to seek the council of Forge Theatre Co. Artistic Director and Playwright - Michael Towers. He, among many other skills, taught me to perform.

Thus began my career as an actor, a trajectory that has brought me through high school and out of college with a BFA.

After a less than immediately gratifying stint in New York with an agent, I decided to marry my two passions together.

My desire to create compelling original work and my desire to perform in it.

So I moved to Boston and started honing technical skills so that I can be in control of my own narrative.

In that time I started my own production company Zack & Aaron, where we are able to follow through on production of everything and anything we want... A dream come true. We produced over 60 videos in our first year, and we are still going strong.

I am now an actor, filmmaker, video editor, director, writer, producer, marketer, songwriter, graphic designer, board game creator, and the list goes on as long as there are ideas to manifest.

Unfortunately, I'll never see a Star Wars fight the same way again. From how the light is hitting the actors faces, to the choice to cut to a wide shot, the music underneath or the objectives behind the action.

Hopefully with these sacrifices I'll be positioned at the top of the "home video Star Wars fights" short list in neighborhoods all across the world.

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