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The Big Green Cat Is a collection of songs I wrote at UConn between 2014 and 2018.

A lot of these are sad and folksy.

Take Back My Hand I wrote in London right after my dad passed.

The Construct is such a vibe and my favorite line was, "I think I'll be out before you're in" until someone pointed out it sounds like I'm saying "Urine".
Let's Jam



SInce 2009




I got really obsessed with guitar pedals when I lived in New York.

These are some songs I wrote while messing around with my set up.

Soon I'll be coming home is my favorite.

The others are just excuses to loop for five minutes and solo over it.
Zack's First Guitar.JPG
From humming meaningless tunes until my mother diagnosed me with ADD, to composing an original score for Connecticut Repertory Theatre's production of As You Like It (2018) I have always been making it up as I go along.

My dad wanted me to be a musician from a young age, having been obsessed with The Beatles himself. Before he passed in 2016, I would send him every song I wrote, right after I wrote it. He was my biggest musical champion.

I have written hundreds of songs, mainly due to the fact that I can never remember how they go long enough to keep me from writing a new one, so I have something to play.

I am a rhythm acoustic guitarist, lead electric, mandolin, vocal, with a little piano thrown in there, musician.

Most of my writing comes from times of pain (as is most common) but I have a few happy tunes mixed in as well.

I plan to release an album of my favorites at some point in the future.
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