From humming meaningless tunes until my mother diagnosed me with ADD, to composing an original score for Connecticut Repertory Theatre's production of As You Like It (2018) I have always been making it up as I go along.

My dad wanted me to be a musician from a young age, having been obsessed with The Beatles himself. Before he passed in 2016, I would send him every song I wrote, right after I wrote it. He was my biggest musical champion.

I have written hundreds of songs, mainly due to the fact that I can never remember how they go long enough to keep me from writing a new one, so I have something to play.

I am a rhythm acoustic guitarist, lead electric, mandolin, vocal, with a little piano thrown in there, musician.

Most of my writing comes from times of pain (as is most common) but I have a few happy tunes mixed in as well.

I plan to release an album of my favorites at some point in the near future.

Original Songs