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The Laramie Project - CRT (2014)"Dictakis was one of a couple standout performers of this show, playing the moment with such innocence; you could feel his wonder and heartbreak at finding an actual person in the middle of nowhere, covered in blood. With the picture of the actual fence where Shepard was tied up in the background during the monologue, it was the first scene where you could hear a pin drop in the theatre" - On Stage Blog

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Spamalot - CRT  (2015) "Zack Dictakis tore up the house as Dennis’ Mother, with her swaying and sagging breasts (he also doubled as Ensemble)." - Pilow Talking

Spamalot - CRT  (2015) "The two biggest female roles are given to Torres and to a male actor in drag (the admittedly deserving Zack Dictakis, who makes the most of his free-swinging bosom)." - The Baltimore Sun

Eurydice - CRT  (2017) "Zack Dictakis creates an Orpheus that is both self-sacrificing and self-centered" - The Hartford Courant

Eurydice - CRT  (2017) "His newly-wed joy turns into a serious understanding of longing, and hope against despair, as his character descends to Hades to attempt to rescue his wife." - Edmond Chibeau's Blog

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Zack Dictakis & Nick Nudler Our Countrys Good .jpg

Our Country's Good - CRT  (2017) "Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark, a hard working and determined Zack Dictakis, resolves to have the convicts in his charge put on a play, a theatrical event to test if performing that feat will give them a positive outlook on their time under lock and key." - Bonnie Goldberg's Blog

As You Like It - CRT  (2018) "When things need to get more lyrical, Zack Dictakis (who played the musician Orpheus in Sarah Ruhl's "Eurydice" at CT Rep last year) struts out with a stringed instrument and sings, often accompanied by violin and percussion from other ensemble members." - Chicago Tribune

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