The Window Guy Final Performance

T Mitsock (Left) Sam Nudler (Right)

It's 2003. I'm sitting across from a woman who is trying to get me to write 2 consecutive sentences. I scribble down, "First I get the toothbrush." And 8 year old Zack, who could easily explain to you all the steps that follow when brushing your teeth, spends the next hour agonizing over the prospect of writing it down.

Flash to ten years later, I'm sweating. The house is filling up, people are crowding around the periphery of the stage. Full house, still piling in. It's the final performance of my first fully produced play, The Window Guy

When I was a kid, picked on by bullies, I often found myself caught in the throat. In a world of comebacks and burns, kings were made by the quickness of their tongue. 

I spent entire afternoons devoted to what I should've said. If only I thought of this then!

I think for me, writing dialogue came from that devotion. It was a dire struggle to be cool. So when I started writing scripts, It felt familiar, I'd already obsessed over the way people spoke. I found myself getting lost in the dialogue, finding comfort in preparing a whole world where I could spare a moment to figure out what to say.

T Mitsock (Left) Sam Nudler (Right)

Sam Nudler

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